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Sunday, February 06, 2005

C.I.D. Updates | Telecast Date: Friday 28th, January 2005.

C.I.D. Updates: -
Telecast Date: Friday 28th, January 2005
ACP pradyuman smartly turns the table on Nakul by acting dead. He arrest him and comes to Bureau again. A fierce interrogation of son by a father happens but Nakul is stubborn as he always is. The cops have no evidences to prove that Nakul is guilty. ACP lays another trap for him and obtains all evidences to indicate that Nakul has been involved in antic smuggling business. Final showdown between the father and son happens and ACP shoots Nakul to repeat the history. In the meanwhile, other cops find out that… Nakul is not Nilanjana’s killer. Then who it is? The person who was hiding outside ACP’s house??? What did he want? Why was he spying on ACP??? How do cops find the answers to these questions is what builds the climax.

C.I.D. Updates | Telecast Date: Friday 14th, January 2005.

C.I.D. Updates: -
Telecast Date: Friday 14th, January 2005
The CID is trying to crack the mystery behind the cloned industrialist. Clues lead them to Rupali, the secretary to the industrialist but they reach her too late. She is dead. What is Rupali’s secret, which holds the key to the mystery of the identical men? Who has killed Rupali? Who is the brain behind the cloning? Meanwhile the ACP’s son Nakul finds himself trapped in a murder he has not committed..given that he has threatened to end his father’s career, will the ACP come to his rescue?

C.I.D. Special Bureau Updates | Minutes before death, Part 1.

C.I.D. Special Bureau: -
Telecast Date: Monday 31st, January 2005
Minutes before death, Part: 1
An ex convict gets shot & just before dying he confesses to the C.I.D bureau team that his father was killed more than 30 years back and the killer is still absconding. He pleads the team to get justice for his father’s death.

C.I.D. Special Bureau Updates | Poisonous Panther, Part 1, Part 2.

C.I.D. Special Bureau: -

Telecast Date: Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th, January 2005

Poisonous Panther, Part: 1
A panther dies in a Zoo enclosure of slow food poisoning. Autopsy tests reveal that the tiger had a human bone struck between his jaw for many years and the bone was poisoned. The history of the panther showed that the animal came from Borivali national Park 7 years back where he had killed & eaten a man. The park report showed that some people were missing from the national park whose bodies were not found. Probably one of these people might have been eaten by the panther. Who is this person? Why was he poisoned & by whom?

Poisonous Panther, Part: 2
The C.I.D team traces the origin of the poisoned man who was eaten by the tiger. Apparently the entire family of the victim also died of poisoning. The family had consumed some pedas which were poisoned. The investigation leads the team to Bangalore where a wedding had taken place. What is the purpose behind these killings? Who is the killer?

C.I.D. Special Bureau Updates | 2015 Bones & More…Part: 1, Part 2.

Telecast Date: Monday 17th, Tuesday 18th, January 2005

2015 Bones & More… Part: 1
An ordinary looking nondescript bag found at a junk shop leads to an old couple who has been waiting for their missing daughter to return. On investigation the Special Bureau team finds out that the girl had gone out of town for a day for some college work 4 years ago & never returned. Investigations by the CID Special Bureau lead them to a shocking site of clues, which point to a vicious serial killer. What are these clues? Where has the girl disappeared?

2015 Bones & More… Part: 2
One girl – by the name of – Archana is admitted in a private hospital. Archana turns out to be the old couple’s daughter. She has managed to escape from the clutches of the killer but cannot identify the killer as she was blindfolded. The C.I.D team gets her specialized help in order to create a profile of the killer and his hideout. This is done solely through the sound, smell & touch she can remember. Will the C.I.D team manage to identify the killer & locate him? How?

C.I.D. Special Bureau Updates| Memory Loss - Part 1, Part 2.

C.I.D. Special Bureau: -
Telecast Date: Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th, January 2005
Memory Loss - part: 1

A man recovers after an operation and realizes he suffers from partial amnesia. When his family comes to meet him, he claims that they are not his family members. His last memory is of an airport where he had gone to drop his wife. He remembers nothing after that incident but knows for a fact that his current wife is an impostor. Who is this man? How did he lose his memory? Who are these people claiming to be his family?

Memory Loss, part: 2
The man slowly remembers things from his past. It has been proved that his current wife is not his real wife. The clues lead the C.I.D special bureau team to Goa. At Goa the case takes a complete U-turn. Unbelievable facts are revealed to the shock of the man. What happened to his real wife? What really happened to this man?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

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